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state: OH

height: 5' 4"

about me: I like horror films, romantic comedies, I like independent films, I LIVE for my daughter, my family, my friends, and music. I'm sarcastic, I'm sweet, I can be funny at times, a bitch at times, I smoke, don't really drink, don't really party, I'm happier being at home with people that I care about. I like to sit for hours and talk about nothing more than I do going to a dance club and getting all sweaty and being bored. If I go out, there better be a live band or I'm going home! I do my best to support my friends with their dreams. My friend Syrus is an actor, and I go to EVERY movie premier that he has. I love doing photoshoots with LA and helping my friend Jamie doing band promotions. My daughter loves for me to make a fool of myself, so I'm always dancing around the house being silly. I'm in college for Business Management. I have a dog and 4 cats, all of which drive me up the WALL! I'd say I'm just a normal, every day, girl next door!


~Guru Gurlz~