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Ohio Play'r

Well some folks just cant leave well enough alone. Jack spent about four years to complete this little gem. Jack hit a few shows where he brought back some gold in both showing and hopping. (The 64' was recently sold and passed on to the happy new owner.)

Tiffanys back in the mix and ready to take a cruz around Springfield Ohio. Rolling on 100 spoke 14x7 Daytons helps his ride turn a few heads on the boulavard. So far the cops havent caught one of his performances. Jacks been known to do a little hoppin or hit'n a three wheel.

With the rear chain briged and the setup primed and ready, the 2 Pro Hopper pumps & 10 batteries await Jacks command.

During the makeover process, He had hours of prepwork before spraying the candy tangerine paint. His pal Virgil assisted with the process. A few tricks were also added to the 283 V8 to get that mellow tone. His car has been featured in Street Custom (vol4 #5) and the July '99 issue of Orlies. This project is dedicated to our friend John Dunden who passed away shortly after the car was completed.